Virtual Examples

Nearly all of our virtual landing pages can be customized to include features to enhance engagement. Some of these include:

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  • 3-d Model rendering
  • Live Chat Feature
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • Image gallery links
  • Video links
  • Data form capture
  • Analytics

3-D Model/Equipment highlights

Allow users to enter your virtual space, view 3-d models and navigate/rotate around them virtually. These can also contain hotspots for video links, product data sheet download, and more. This example shown below illustrates a local manufacturing lab and process that a client can use to showcase capabilities in a virtual environment.

Side By Side presentations:

Some pages can contain a virtual environment and have the ability to embed your preferred webinar or virtual meeting platform as well. The example below shows a virtual page on the right, and a youtube (or pre-recorded) embed on the right.

Live Chat